Trees of Life

Planting Trees of Life on Our Earth

Peak Instinct Tree Planting Initiative


Peak Instinct launched with an initial question and mindset; how can we contribute to mother earth?  

With that, a commitment to our climate was decided on and have been planting 10 trees on EVERY product sold ever since!  

Let us continue together supplying the lifeblood of our Earth, trees. Below is a video from our partnering NGO (read more below).
Please, take a moment to watch. This speaks to us on a higher level than just planting trees.


Why Trees?

Trees are known to be a high-impact home remedy for nature.
Trees cool the climate by absorbing CO2, which is one of the main drivers of climate change.

 Trees create oxygen. We need oxygen to survive. Not only do trees create this life necessity, but; they clean the air by absorbing pollutant gasses & filtering out particulates! They are earth's air filters! How amazing is that!? 

Trees create ground protection. They protect soil from erosion while creating a productive and fertile land.

Forests can maintain and create moisture-rich microclimates that regulate water cycles while preventing floods. Acting like a sponge, forests prevent droughts as well.

Trees and Forests create sustainable by-products. Over 1 billion people worldwide depend on forests.

Our Goal?  

With deforestation at an all-time high, we hope to help combat the corporate overlords with trees planted for every one taken down. Let's say a cool million or two planted trees all over the Earth is a good start! 


Let Us Plant Together

Eden Projects

We have partnered with Eden Projects to help us achieve our goal and work towards our mission!
Eden projects has planted over 139 million trees all while working directly with locals to plant each and every tree. They help create a sustainable income for each and every working local, all while helping grow the forest they use to have back!
Without them, this would not be possible, and we couldn't be prouder to say we are partners with them. 

Eden Projects with Peak Instinct
Eden Projects with Peak Instinct
Eden Projects with Peak Instinct
Peak Instinct Plant Trees
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