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Back Story on Peak Instinct

Hello, my name is Robert, I am the co-founder of Peak Instinct. Back in 2011, I was introduced to Sacred Geometry, Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation and all forms of stuff I had no idea about. Since then, everything has changed. My life has changed for the better.

I was a borderline alcoholic and hater of life. I abused life and my body daily. I never once meditated in my life prior to 2011. I never even heard of Sacred Geometry or, Spirituality for that matter, well, until I did. Once introduced, it was hard to not dive into it. 

I now can thank meditation, spirituality and, my inner work and the road it has taken me on that has ultimately saved my life. That is why I partnered with Daniel and created Peak Instinct.

Hello, my name is Daniel, I am also a co-founder of Peak Instinct. My purpose is to help grow and spread Peak Instinct so that we can share the gift of consciousness in the form of trinkets and jewelry with the world.

For 8-years I experienced a high-stress life due to my diet, work environment, and relationships. I resolved to spend my time focused on learning how to maximize life experience & purpose in a holistic way. It took about 4 years of incorporating daily mindfulness, proper diethealth, and plant medicines to change the track that I was on. 

I'm now grateful to be partnered with Robert to make our dream of Peak Instinct possible so that we can change the world and influence more lives!

Current Status of Peak Instinct 

Because of that, we have dedicated our lives to bringing this world what we can, in a form, we both feel most comfortable with. Peak Instinct was created with a higher frequency in mind. Our brand is not about us, but about the conscious people of this planet. We are focused on bringing the new age and old energies to our realities. Aligning our lives and helping others do the same. 

Not only are we trying to bring together conscious beings, but; also ensuring we remember where we come from. We are all creatures of this planet and, because of that, we have partnered with multiple organization to ensure we are helping. 

Planting Conscious Seeds and Real Trees

For every purchase made, we plant 10 trees! Peak Instincts truly believes that taking care of yourself is the first priority with our mother earth to follow. In this day and age, with the corporate overlords only worried about the bottom line, deforestation (and many, many, more issues) have become a major concern for our planet.  

With that, Peak Instinct has consciously decided to bring the positive vibrations of donating to planting 10 trees per product sold. Yes, that means, if you buy two products, you have planted 20 trees and that is AMAZING!  We will be working hand-and-hand with top non-profit organizations to help us achieve our goals!

We feel any small contribution is a contribution and together, we can not only vibrate at a higher frequency but; also make efforts in saving our planet. 


May your day be calm, at ease, and always remember to be present. Soak in every moment, for each one is truly special. 


PLEASE; send in any and all of your stories on how any form of natural healing has improved your life. We will not share unless you are ok with but truly is what inspires us here. Send us your story, HERE.


Thank you for taking moments of your day to spend with me, us, at Peak Instinct

Robert & Daniel

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